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Kopp is a Polish company, a firmly established manufacturer of 2-layer and 3-layer European Oak flooring. The company specialises in both unfinished and finished with UV oil, hard wax oil, natural oil and varnish flooring. Thanks to in-house, state-of the-art production facilities, Kopp can maintain the highest quality of its products and customise them as needed. At a Client’s request the company will deliver a floor in any colour and with any finishing technique.

Kopp is a dynamically developing company selling products on the Polish market through its own network of company stores. Another important sales channel involves carrying out projects on a contractor basis. As a tried and tested provider, the company boasts a number of interesting projects completed in high-class hotels, exclusive restaurants and modern offices.

Ecology and Quality


Wood from domestic controlled forests is the main raw material used by Kopp in floor production. The company has a multi-stage quality control system in place. Kopp monitors source how the raw material is obtained and the method of wood sourcing, thereby ensuring the highest performance parameters of the products purchased by its Clients.

Regular inspections mady by Kopp directly at the source of the wood providers guarantees that the material used in the production process is characterised by the highest quality parameters. Kopp’s products are also tested in the Wood Technology Institute in Poznań, where they undergo verification as prescribed by European standards.

Range of Products

Broad Variety of Products


Kopp specialises in production of multi-layer floor boards. The vast majority of the products offered in this category are manufactured in Poland. Nonetheless, the company has extended its range of products with various wood types, for example Acacia and American Walnut, in order to satisfy Client demand.

Apart from floor boards, the company also offers materials used for wall finishing, such as solid oak wall modules.

Further, Kopp provides technical consultancy services at every project stage and gives experienced fitting teams carrying out projects across Europe (depending on order volume).

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Multilayer European Oak Flooring Catalogue

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Palace Parquet Catalogue

Kopp’s production facilities

Kopp's production facilities
Located in Limanowa, in the south of Poland, Kopp’s production facilities specialise in manufacturing multi-layer floor boards.

The production of the floor boards at Kopp’s plant combines the usage of cutting-edge wood processing technology (the plant is equipped with a rich, efficient machine park, with all its machines operating for no longer than three years) and the manual work of experienced, qualified employees. Thanks to its production capacities and shift work, the lead time is short and the company is able to effectively fulfil its Clients’ orders.

The state-of-the-art machines are used to, among other things, calibrate boards, cut tongue and groove, brush the surface at various depths and chamfer edges. More specialised, particular steps that provide character to the wood surface, involving a grooved structure, ‘woodworm’ texture, hammering, longitudinal and transverse incisions and ageing effects obtained with other methods, are performed manually.

Kopp offers both unfinished and finished with UV oil, hard wax oil, natural oil and varnish products. Prepared boards of regular length are packed in cartons, and non-standard boards are shrink-wrapped. At a Client’s request, Kopp can deliver the purchased products to an indicated address.

Kopp's production facilities


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